Possible choice on these areas of treatment:


  • Arms or abdomen:

      1 Session at CHF 160.- instead of CHF 320.-

      6 Sessions at CHF 960.- instead of CHF 1'920.-


  • Love Handles: 

      1 Session at CHF 180.- instead of CHF 360.-

      6 Sessions at CHF 1'080.- instead of CHF 2'160.-


  • Inner Thighs + Knees:

      1 Session at CHF 200.- instead of CHF 400.-

      6 Sessions at CHF 1'200.- instead of CHF 2'400.-


  • Abdomen + Love Handles:

      1 Session at CHF 230.- instead of CHF 460.-

      6 Sessions at CHF 1'360.- instead of CHF 2'760.-


How does the treatment works

The combination of the following three preparations allows to act on all types of cellulites:

  • MesoArtichok: hyaluronic acid that improves the texture and appearance of the skin and artichoke extract and mineral salts that have a draining effect.
  • MesoCarnitine: hyaluronic acid and L-Carnitine to promote the metabolism of fatty acids (helps eliminate fat).
  • MesoMélilot: hyaluronic acid, extract of Mélilot and mineral salts. To activate microcirculation.


The treatment will be associated with 15 min of endermologie Cellu M6 device from Lpg.



The results are visible from the very first sessions, and at the end of the treatment there is a clear reduction in the appearance of orange peel skin and fatty masses.

The fat cells can no longer stagnate thanks to the improved blood circulation caused by some  Micro-poncture. In addition, the skin becomes more supple and smoother due to the disappearance of dimples.

It is essential to respect the hygienic and dietary rules and to have a physical activity associated to optimize the results.



The micro-puncture will be done on all the areas concerned and chosen Arms, abdomen, thighs, hips or belly during a session lasting 30 minutes.


The protocol consists of 1 session per week, for 4 to 6 weeks.


The number of sessions required is determined according to the initial appearance and the desired result.

Bye bye cellulite ! Microneedling + LPG® Endermology Treatment from

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  • Duration per session: 35 minutes

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