Information on both techniques:


Eyelash enhancement: Is a technique that allows you to curl, coat and thicken your eyelashes in a lasting way. The esthetician will apply a cream that will spread them upwards, then a dye of the shade that suits you best and thus densify and open up the eyes.


Eyelash extension: Is a technique that consists of placing false eyelashes one by one on top of the natural eyelashes, using a special glue. You can choose the length and density: the look is clearly intensified. The application is painless and lasts about an hour, the change is impressive and the duration varies between 3 and 4 weeks, after which you can decide to have them retouched or removed.




Choose your options:


  • Lash Enhancement at only CHF 79.- instead of CHF 90.-
  • Eyelash Enhancement + Eyelash Tinting at CHF 89.- instead of CHF 110.-
  • Eyelash Enhancement + Eyelash & Eyebrows Tinting at CHF 110.- instead of CHF 135.-
  • Full Eyelash Extension at CHF 130.- instead of CHF 190.-
  • Full Eyelash Extension + 1 Filling (after 3 weeks) at CHF 200.- instead of CHF 280.-


The Result

Your eyes will be more open thanks to well-curved lashes. Thanks to the enhancement, you will have real doe eyes without overdoing it. The effect remains relatively sober and natural.

Depending on the quality and density of your lashes, your lashes will remain curved for 3 to 6 weeks. To prolong the effect, you don't need to use any particular technique or product.


Lash tinting and enhancement is for everyone

Particularly recommended for light-colored or thin lashes

Saves precious time

Ideal formula for sportsmen and women

Recommended for people who are allergic to make-up and for people who wear contact lenses or glasses


45-min Lash Enhancement Session

  • Preparation of lashes and eyelids with a "primer" solution
  • Protection and application of silicone patches adapted to the eye.
  • Lining and separation of the lashes on the silicone patches
  • Application of the permanent lotion on the lashes (10/15 min depending on the type of lashes)
  • Application of the fixing lotion (10/15 min depending on the type of lashes)
  • Application of a nourishing oil on the lashes. Silicone patches are removed
  • Cleaning of the eyelid and brushing of the lashes

Having deer eyes without looking like you're wearing makeup! From

  • 3-Months Valid Voucher

    1 lash enhancement or extension session of your choice in the options

    Each voucher is valid for 1 person.

    You can buy other vouchers as a gift for someone else.

    Reservations required by phone or email; 24 hour cancellation policy.

    Late cancellations or no-shows count as used vouchers.

    No refunds possible, offer not commutable