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All about Gua Sha: Origins, benefits, instructions for use

Discover the gua sha massage a must for a radiant skin!

Very popular on social networks, gua sha is the trendy technique to take care of your skin. In this article, discover all about this therapeutic ritual straight from Asia to reduce wrinkles, detoxify the skin and brighten your face!

Gua sha: what is it?

Gua sha is a traditional Chinese medicine. The word "gua" means "to press" and "sha" means redness and/or irritation.

This practice consists in pressing an accessory, mostly made of aventurine, quartz or jade, on your face. This will activate blood circulation and allow toxins to be drained by your lymph nodes in addition to stimulating all layers of skin.

The gua sha is practiced with a smooth, soft and polished tool with rounded tips to facilitate the facial massage. This promising technique helps to eliminate tension in the face, body and mind, and gives you rejuvenated, luminous and detoxified skin!

Gua sha massage: instructions for use

Gua sha is very easy to incorporate into your facial routine. This technique is ideal with an organic face oil or serum or a moisturizer. It can be used simply with water, but is not recommended for use on bare skin.

- Use the curved side of the stone and slide it over your skin with gentle strokes in the same direction. It is not recommended to use back and forth movements.

- Move the stone up and down your neck and make small horizontal movements on your eyelids to lift them. You can also place it under your eyes and/or on a redness to soothe and deflate your skin.

- Use gua sha in the morning to deflate and energize your skin and in the evening to relax your facial muscles and tissues. For mornings in a hurry, use the stone in the shower as it can be used with water only.

The gua sha massage: benefits

- A luminous complexion thanks to a deep stimulation of your circulation.

- A detoxified skin thanks to the gestures of the gua sha massage allowing the elimination of toxins.

- An improvement in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by activating acupressure points, thus toning and firming the muscles of the face.

- A reduction in the appearance of your dark circles thanks to improved blood circulation.


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