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The principle
Microneedling is performed using an electric "pen" fitted with a disposable microneedle head. 

This system creates micro-perforations in the epidermis, superficial dermis and capillary dermis. At the same time, a mixture of vitamins and hyaluronic acid is applied to the surface. Small wells are created, allowing the solution to penetrate to the superficial dermis and nourish its fibroblasts. 
Microneedling can be performed on both men and women.

I use microneedling for : 

- Brighten up my skin tone
- Significantly reduce fine lines and wrinkles
- Firm my facial skin
- Tighten dilated pores
- Fight sagging skin
- Conceal stretch marks

The session lasts approximately 30 minutes. It is comfortable even on sensitive skin.
Slight redness may persist for a few hours after the session. Make-up can be applied the following day.

We recommend 3 sessions spaced 15 days to 1 month apart, depending on the skin type and indication, and a maintenance session once or twice a year.

Choices :

- 1 glycolic acid peel Chf 89.- instead of Chf 179.-
- 1 Microneedling session Chf 130 instead of Chf 220.-
- 1 microneedling session + glycolic acid peel Chf 169.- instead of 350. -


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60 min Balinese massage Relaxing & soothing 


A guaranteed moment of escape thanks to this ancestral Balinese massage ritual with "melting mango or coconut balm". This sensory escape is combined with traditional smoothing and gentle Thai stretching.




1 Balinese massage 60 min at Chf 110.- instead of Chf 170.-


1 Cocooning Escapade 90 mn at Chf 170.- instead of Chf 290.-                

  (This ritual includes a body scrub and a relaxing massage )


Benefits of Balinese massage :

Softness, nutrition and suppleness

Reduces stress

Improves sleep

Relieves muscular pain

Improves blood circulation

Strengthens the immune system

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